“In The World Of Selfishness We Have Proven To Be Beneficial For Everyone Who Joins Hands With Us, Whether They Are Suppliers, Dealers, Employees Or Our Consumers”

Today’s era is a world of dreams and challenges where we focus on our customers to facilitate them with the latest and innovative technology. Crown Group of Companies – your reliable partner, is tirelessly working to supply “FIT” brand parts for Motorcycles, CNG Rickshaws, Generators and Automotives in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Dubai. This was not possible without the support of our family members whether they are our suppliers, dealers, business partners, customers and our employees.

Our rich history spans over a decade and our affiliation with this sector is traced further back to the early 1960s. We have witnessed and contributed towards the growth of this industry over the years and graced your tremendous cooperation, support and constant patronage in our journey of innovation, progression and success. Year after year, we overcome operational challenges and adapt to the market changes as a singular mission of bringing more value to you – our most reliable partners and friends that have continuously supported us in establishing the Crown brand.

2017 had witnessed our bold and determined step towards achieving operational excellence. We have not only focused on increased improvement in the systematic management of our business and operational processes but are adequately investing in developing the right culture.

At Crown Group, we not only work on strengthening our business practices but also cultivating our network based on human interactions. Our unique ideology focuses on benefiting others. In a world where businesses are steered purely by self-interest, organisations make profit without considering the impact of their decisions on customers. Crown Group on the other hand prioritizes its family of dealers, customers, employees, and mechanics and places them at the center of every strategic decision taken. And it is this priority that drives us to meet and exceed expectations of all stakeholders by achieving and sustaining desired results.

We strive to be as close to you as possible, enabling us to better address your requirements and making our products and services available to you in the most efficient and customer friendly way. Such achievements so far are a clear testimony to our philosophy of one team moving towards one goal.

Owing to technological advancements and dynamic changes in market trends, Crown Group has embraced these changes in terms of innovation in products, systems and business practices.

As the two-wheeler industry continues to grow, we have entered into joint ventures to not only meet customer demand but also to act as a catalyst responsible for creating jobs, developing the industry, improving foreign exchange and strengthening the supplier network for the future.

With the Almighty’s Grace and your support, Crown Group will continue to grow by both expanding its traditional segments and exploring new ones. I wish to take this opportunity once again and thank you for your constant support to our brand and look forward to servicing you even better in future.

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