Operations Director

Mr. Omair Farhan has recently joined Crown Group as Operations Director and has started to enlighten the group with new & leading edge ideas for diversified expansion. On the academic side he has completed his A-Levels from Mander Portman Woodward in London and is enrolled in a Business Administration Undergraduate program at Greenwich University.

Furthermore; he has closely worked with the R&D team to develop new products and launch them in the automotive market of Pakistan.

Being involved throughout these stages of business expansion has built a strong passion within me to play a vital role into making it a diverse multinational group. There are thousands of examples in Pakistan where sole trader companies have emerged into the becoming medium-sized enterprises yet have failed to outgrow the category. I will be graduating from the Number 1 Business School in the UK (Complete University Guide), the University of Bath and will be joining the firm full time with the core mission of deep-diving into learning internal operations to draw strategies of diversification and market expansion in relevance of the existing opportunities. I plan to take inspirations from the Western business environment and tactically converge them into our organizational culture to improve the goal orientation mentality. I believe the top priorities for our organization as a brand is to vertically integrate backwards and forward by opening manufacturing facilities and retail points respectively. Other diversification opportunities will be explored once the core businesses are well settled into sustainable growth rates.

Overall, I am still very young and have a lot to learn and understand before coming into the strategic decision-making position. However, I do have the responsibility of leading and tailoring the future of the group which gets me nervous and passionately excited at the same time.

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