Company Culture

The Crown Group Company Culture

Our success is based on the personal commitment of our over 500 staff and employees. A company will only be able to survive competition if it has a top team, characterized by a high level of competence, dedication, and inventiveness.

Our corporate culture focuses on people, ensures that they are provided the most conducive environment, as well as trainings and tools needed for learning and growth.

Staff Monthly

Monthly meetings are a source of new ideas and different views on challenges facing our organization. The meetings are held with a view to brainstorming and expressing concerns candidly. CRLF ensures that its employees feel free in sharing their thoughts so that staff or customer related issues are resolved and new concepts and insights gained.

Active Involvement

Our employees and staff are actively involved in all our operations. Their participation in company events, seminars, daily work and tasks, as well as in the additional assignments given to them, reveal their utmost dedication to the company. In many ways, our employees make a contribution to the continued development of the company.

Dealers Training

We conduct regular training and development sessions with the help of professional trainers to provide training with recreational activities. The purpose of such activities is to enhance their capabilities while giving them an opportunity to explore their talents from within.

C-Connect Monthly Meeting

C-Connect is a new concept through which dedicated importers and distributors of CRLF parts play a vital role between the company and the customers and dealers. It is through C-Connect that CRLF makes parts available to the dealers.

C-Connect monthly meetings are held to review progress, updates and the overall situation in the market in terms of distribution and demand for spare parts. The meetings are chaired by the CEO Mr. Farhan Hanif, who looks into issues and provides guidance and support to the C-Connect teams operating across Pakistan.

Motivational Activities

In the wake of challenges, we are proud to have employees who enthusiastically give their best. The company culture ensures that our employees are neither overstretched, nor understretched, so that they are able to deliver top performance and advance the success of our company. The management assumes a decisive role in this entire process. The Group will only be able to achieve its goals with exemplary leadership and constructive cooperation between management and the workforce. This includes both targeted and continual personnel development and work organization, which we continue to develop with our guiding principles.

Lower Staff Training

At CRLF, we acknowledge the importance of training and development of our lower staff as well. They are the backbone of our operations and without their dedicated efforts, we would not have achieved much. Therefore, we realize their importance in our business operations and ensure that they are given adequate opportunities for training for continuous improvement – both at individual and at the organizational levels.

Office Staff Training

Regular training and development sessions are conducted for employees to groom them professionally while providing them an opportunity to interact with each other in a relaxed environment with various recreational activities to increase coordination among each other. This tremendously helps in developing the staff and increasing their productivity and output efficiency.

Friday Staff
Coordination Meeting

At CRLF, we strongly believe in teamwork, and in incorporating this philosophy within our corporate culture, a staff coordination meeting is held every Friday. The purpose of the meeting is to help create a healthy working environment and foster team building, providing a platform to coordinate with relevant departments for synergy.

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